Don't Throw These Things Away When Cleaning Out Your Home!

Don't Throw These Things Away When Cleaning Out Your Home!

2023 has arrived and with it lots of resolutions for the new year! If one of your resolutions is to clear the clutter out of your home, now is a great time to get started. After putting away your holiday decorations, it's time to tackle your overcrowded drawers, closets, and pantry in addition to the general clutter that is lying around. But don't just haphazardly throw things away. I know it's tempting, but there are many items that can surprisingly be given a second life if you know where to donate them: 

  • Towels and Blankets - You may think that nobody would ever want your old, ripped, and faded towels and blankets, but the truth is they still have life in them. Animal shelters, like The Huntsville Animal Services Foundation, often have these types of items on their donation wish lists. Animal shelters use towels and blankets in bedding to keep animals warm and comfy while they are waiting for their forever home.
  • Bras - If you are getting rid of bras that are in good condition, I Support the Girls, takes donations and ships them to women in domestic violence and homeless shelters. 
  • Sports Equipment - Do you have a closet full of equipment from sports and activities that are no longer being used? Whether it's gear that has been outgrown or it's a sport/activity nobody in your family does anymore, it can be passed on to someone who needs it! Check with local sports leagues to see if they can use the gear for local families. There are also charities that will accept donations of sports equipment:
    • Bicycles - Bicycle Angels is a nonprofit organization that accepts old bikes, tools, parts, and maintenance equipment. They lend bikes to people to ride in charity events, among other many good works.
    • Soccer Equipment - The US Soccer Foundation welcomes donations of soccer balls, cleats, shin guards, and other soccer related items.
    • Baseball and softball gear - Pitch in For Baseball & Softball takes used bats, balls, and more. Items can be shipped to their Harleysville, PA or Los Angeles warehouses.
  • Glasses - Don't trash your glasses just because your prescription changed. Many Optometrists in the Huntsville area will accept donations of used eyeglasses and you can also donate to the Lions Club, a nonprofit that recycles glasses and distributes them to people who can't afford costly prescriptions. 
  • Cellphones, tablets, and other electronics - If you have outdated electronic equipment to get rid of, you don't have to throw it away. Just because it's not useful to you, doesn't mean it's not useful to someone else. Consider these options for your older cellphone, tablet, or computer:
    • Troops overseas - Cell Phones for Soldiers will send your gadget overseas to a member of the United States armed forces, providing them with a lifeline back home.
    • Birders - The Birder's Exchange Program is always looking for electronics like digital cameras, iPods, and other types of MP3 players.
    • Victims of domestic violence - Secure the Call is an organization that will give your smartphone over to a domestic violence shelter so that people in need can contact 911.

So, when you are cleaning out your drawers and closets, don't fill the trash bin donate instead!! If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Huntsville area, let professional Realtor Mike Manosky help you with all your real estate needs! Give Mike a call today at 256-508-0211 and check out for more information!  

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