Things to Avoid Saying When Buying a House

what not to say When buying a home there are several things you should avoid saying in front of the owners of a home and their Realtor. Of course you want to be upfront and honest as possible with your Realtor when buying a home but you need to remember that some things are taboo and may come back to haunt you if they are spoken before making an offer on a house, especially to the seller's agent. . Letís take a look at what NOT to say when buying a new home.
  • When thinking about making an offer on a new home, never ever say ďthis is my dream home and I canít live without itĒ. This statement makes the Realtor, the seller and all those involved in the sale of the home know that you are set on having that particular house and that you may be willing to pay whatever is asked without question. Be careful with your words when you are in front of the sellers and their agent.
  • Be careful not to let it be known exactly how much money you have to spend on a new home when you are in the process of buying This will safeguard you from letting too much information out and perhaps spending more than you might have. The last thing you want to do is to end up in a house that is more than you can really afford on a monthly basis.
  • When walking through a home on a home tour be careful not to share your distaste for decorations or colors that are used in the home and especially donít mention how you want to renovate or remodel the house because the sellers may decide against your offer simple because they do not want their home changed into something they donít recognize. Even though folks sell their home it doesnít mean they will no longer have an attachment to that home.
  • Itís also a good idea not to ask the sellers of a home why they are selling. It may be a very personal reason why they have decided to sell their home and they may not want to share that reason with you.
These are just a few ideas of what not to say during the process of buying a house. Hopefully, if you keep these ideas in mind you may be able to make a fair offer on a home and become the new owners of the home of your dreams. Courtesy of Huntsville AL Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky!

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