Thanksgiving in Huntsville Condos and Homes: Letís Get a Little Down to Earth

Thanksgiving in Huntsville Condos and Homes: Letís Get a Little Down to Earth19918465Yesterday, I was driving through the city, wondering if a potential buyer was going to show up to look at some†Huntsville condos Iím showing. Iíd had a bad day; the car didnít want to start, what Iíd planned to wear was dirty, Iíd run out of milk and so on, and so on. Needless to say, I wasnít in the best of moods.† As I stopped at a light, grouching because the light would make me late, I happened to look over and see a woman with her daughter. The little girl had holes in her coat, a ragged hat, torn up shoes and a teddy bear missing an eye that she clutched as she smiled up at her worried mother Ė who had a ďPlease helpĒ sign in her hands. As I drove on to show the†Huntsville condos, and further throughout the day, that little girlís smile stuck with me.† Last night, I came across a news broadcast about a family of five living in a one-room apartment after losing their house and I remembered that little girl. All of this comes down to one thingÖ† Itís coming up on Thanksgiving, people are searching turkey recipes, decorations are being pulled outÖ and the current problems in the world make it hard to find something to be grateful for. However, theyíre there if you only look.† If you have a home and youíre trying to sell it, itís understandable that you might be upset if itís not moving. As hard as it may be, however, remember that at least you have a home to sell.† If youíre looking for a home to buy and you canít afford the fancy one you wanted but you can afford a slightly smaller one, remember Ė at least you can afford something.† If youíre upset that your job isnít paying enough, youíre working long hours or not enough, remember the millions that no longer have a job.† Whatever your problem that may be weighing you down when Thanksgiving rolls around, remember that it truly could be worse. It is worse, for so many people.† Iíll even start the list: Iím grateful for all of my clients. Iím grateful that I have†Huntsville condos and homes to show and potential buyers that want to see them. For my readers, my friends, my family and my own home... Happy Thanksgiving, and may you always have something to be grateful for!

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