Buying One of the Huntsville Homes for Sale? Don’t Forget Your…

Buying One of the Huntsville Homes for Sale?  Don’t Forget Your…2009 might not have brought on the hottest market for sellers, but it’s an excellent market for buyers.  If you’re taking advantage and buying one of the Huntsville homes for sale, it means you’ll be moving soon.  It also means that you’ll probably forget something you really need in the new house – after it’s too late.  201063_blogDon’t Forget Your… There are at least five items commonly forgotten when moving:  1. Personal Phonebook – Make sure you pack up any personal numbers, phonebooks or notepads you might have written needed numbers on.  If you have time, transfer them to your computer.  Even if you call the numbers a lot, there is still a chance you’ll forget them.  2. Neat and Tidy – Too often, people will be giving their old home a final once-over and find a spot that needs to be cleaned.  Realizing they have packed the cleaning equipment, they rush out to buy new cleaners.  Instead, have your cleaning supplies set aside as one of the last things to go – just in case.   3. Records – No, not the vinyl ones.  If the Huntsville home for sale is in another neighborhood, you’ll have to get your medical records, vet records for your pet and your child’s permanent school record.  Copies usually aren’t allowed, so make sure you have the real deal!  4. Your Address – As silly as it may seem, it’s easy to forget your new address.  Write it down and put it in your wallet or purse for easy reference.  5.  Hidden Valuables – Did you remember that roll of bills you hid in the attic, or the necklace in the bathroom?  Before leaving, collect all your valuables and put them in a safe deposit box.  If you’re looking to buy one of the Huntsville homes for sale, I can help.  Call me at 800-803-0053, 256-508-0211 or email me at for more information. Search all Huntsville homes for sale.

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