Routine Maintenance for Rain Gutters on Huntsville Homes

One of the most important maintenance procedures for the exterior of your home is cleaning the rain gutters. Cleaning the gutters can be a tedious task, especially in†Huntsville homes that have trees hanging over the roof. Cleaning the Gutters
  1. 3771851_blogGather your gutter cleaning tools.† Youíll need a good pair of gloves to remove the gunk from the gutters, as well as a steady ladder tall enough to put you at a comfortable working height to the gutter. If you have the type of gutters that wonít snag and tear your gloves, you may prefer rubber gloves to keep water from seeping through.† If you donít like using gloves, consider using a trowel or other tool to scoop the gunk out.
  2. Remove all debris from the gutter. Anything removed from the gutter can be placed in a garbage bag, bucket or other receptacle for disposal or mulching. Leave as little gunk as possible in the trough as any little bit may provide an anchor for leaves and other debris.
  3. Remove any obstructions from downspouts. This may require ďsnakingĒ clogged spouts with wire or a plumberís snake tool. Pull any overgrown plants near the mouth of the spout that may grow roots into it, as these can prevent debris from washing out.
  4. Repeat at least twice a year. The best time of year varies according to climate, but itís typically in the fall.†† Itís best done before heavy rainfall and after leaves have fallen from the trees. Many owners of†Huntsville homes with trees above the roof choose to clean the gutters several times a year.
When the entire gutter and all of the downspouts have been freed of large debris, take a garden hose and run water through the entire system. This washes out any remaining dirt and smaller debris. Keep an eye open for any leaks in the system and watch to make sure water flows properly away from the house. Improper gutter maintenance causes unbelievable damage to†Huntsville homes that could easily be prevented. Want more home maintenance tips like this?† Subscribe to this blog.† Itís free and easy.

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