Is It Time To Switch To A New Huntsville AL Real Estate Agent?

For some frustrated sellers, the answer to ďWhy isnít my home selling?Ē is ďItís the agentís fault!Ē† If your immediate instinct is to drop your Huntsville AL real estate agent for a new one, you might want to take a deep breath and consider the following:
  1. Do you think agents are like lottery tickets?† Going through Huntsville AL real estate agents as fast as scratch-off lottery tickets isnít going to get your home sold faster.† In fact, it usually slows down the process.
  2. Is your home priced correctly?† Thatís probably the number one difference between homes that sell fast and homes that sit on the market.† A poorly priced home could be your agentís fault.† Then again, you could be partially to blame.† Did you insist on a specific price even though your agent strongly recommended a lower price?† Did you refuse to lower the price when your agent suggested lowering it?† If youíre inflexible about price, switching agents will not help.†
  3. Did you make the home improvements recommended by your agent?† If your agent suggested you paint, clean carpets, reduce clutter or complete any other inexpensive, easy-to-accomplish task, and you didnít do it, youíre greatly reducing your opportunity to get your home sold.† You chose to work with your agent because he is a knowledgeable professional.† Take his advice and get those home improvement tasks done now.
  4. Has your listing agreement expired?† If your listing contract has expired, this is the perfect time to consider switching agents.† Go back to the start, identify 3 new agents and interview the agents.† If you find one that fits your needs better than your current agent, let your agent know you wonít be renewing your contract.
  5. Did your agent market your home?† If your agent has not done all the marketing he promised, point this out and ask him when heíll get the marketing in place.† Follow up to be sure itís done on time and professionally.† If he still doesnít market your home like he said he would, it may be time to switch agents. †
  6. Are you being impatient?† If you made all the home improvements recommended by your agent, your home is properly priced, and all marketing tasks are completed, you may just need to have a little patience.† This is a slow real estate market.† That means your home isnít going to sell overnight.† Ask your agent the average number of days it takes a home to sell in your area, then wait that length of time before thinking about changing agents.
Donít replace your agent just because you donít know what else to do.† Youíll be wasting time and effort.† Instead, work with your agent to determine what else can be done to get your home sold. If you decide to search for a new Huntsville AL real estate agent, Iíd be honored if youíd allow me to interview for the job.† Call me at†256-508-0211 Direct or 800-803-0053 Toll Free†or email me at† to schedule an interview. . Having lived in the Huntsville AL area for most of his life, Mike Manosky understands exactly what makes this community special.† In fact, those who know him well will tell you he carries the same traditional values and focus on the future as Huntsville.† Mike brings with him a keen eye for the details of buying or selling a Huntsville AL home and seemingly boundless determination and energy, which is why his clients benefit from his unique brand of real estate service. Rooted in Tradition, Focused on the Future - Mike Manosky will help make the most of your Huntsville AL real estate experience.

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