Pros and Cons of Popular Gutter Types for Huntsville AL Homes

Rain gutters are essential because they direct rain water away from your home to protect it from water damage. Any home repair professional can tell you about the damage sustained when Huntsville AL homes donít have gutters or the gutters havenít been properly maintained. Types of House Gutters
  • Wood gutters are still in use, especially on older Huntsville AL homes, but they are perhaps the most difficult to maintain properly. These gutters are prone to rotting, wood and mold. Additionally, theyíre an attractant for wood-eating insects. The weight of these gutters requires very strong mounting to compensate in the case of backed-up water. If your home has wood gutters, you may want to update your gutters to one of the more modern options.
  • One of the most popular materials for gutters is aluminum. These gutters are lightweight, cost-effective and durable. If improperly maintained, standing water can rust the metal and cause leaks. Depending on where the leak is, this can create rust streaks down your Huntsville AL homeís siding.
  • Vinyl gutters donít have the rusting problems of aluminum or the weight problems of wood. Vinyl doesnít rot; itís very heavy-duty and lightweight. Vinyl gutters are easy to maintain.† But, leaks can be an issue with vinyl.† Because vinyl gutters are often sold in shorter lengths than aluminum gutters, there are more seams which can lead to more leaks.† Vinyl gutters are also more susceptible to cracking or buckling in extreme temperatures and are extremely expensive to repair properly.
  • Copper gutters donít leak as theyíre often installed in a solid piece. Copper wonít rust, and over time will turn an attractive shade of green. This type of gutter may never need to be replaced. The only real downside is the cost. You can expect to pay about double for copper gutters as compared to gutters made out of other materials.† And, youíll need to pay for installation also because copper gutters are definitely not recommended as a do-it-yourself project.
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