Resolution for the Owner of Huntsville AL Real Estate: Organize Your Personal Finances

With all the recent national turmoil involved with avoiding the dreaded fiscal cliff, many money management experts have recently expressed concern for owners of Huntsville AL real estate: careening off a personal fiscal cliff of their own making.  Generally speaking, the advice they offer is to
  • Buy and borrow sustainably
  • Plan, save, and be accountable
  • Resist the temptation to spend without careful consideration
  • Explore using personal finance software for tracking purposes
  • Analyze your spending habits and alter them if necessary
GreenPath Debt Solutions, a nonprofit financial organization, has organized five easy personal finance goals for consumers and owners of Huntsville AL real estate in 2013.
  1. Set up a money management system that works for you. One fundamental fact that gets lost in all the discussion of personal finances is this: to become financially secure, you must spend less than you make.  Click here for specific steps to get started.
  2. Review your credit report at least once a year.
  3. Begin to save. Once you've got a workable budget, automate the process of saving. Setting up direct-deposit into savings makes it much more likely that you'll do so.
  4. Get serious about reducing debt. One of the first steps in decreasing your debt load is to stop adding to it in the first place. Begin to get out of the habit of using credit cards.
  5. Learn something new about personal finances. Many community organizations, non-profits, and community banks and credit unions have free courses available to learn about money management.
As most owners of Huntsville AL real estate know, there are few “big ticket” items you can cut from your budget, but there are small ways you can decrease monthly/yearly costs.  As you analyze your spending habits, consider the following areas for reductions:
  • Out-of-network ATM fees.  These may cost you as much as $250 per year!
  • Bottled water.  Getting your recommended daily amount of water exclusively in bottled form can easily cost more than $1,000 per year, as compared with about 50 cents per year for just-as-healthy tap water.
  • Oil changes.  Newer vehicles often use synthetic oils that can last 7,500 miles or more.
  • Late fees.   Americans still pay more than $20 billion each year in credit card late fees and other penalties! Put routine monthly bills on an automatic payment plan
  • For similar money-saving suggestions, click here.  
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