Home Selling Tips: Set The Stage

theaterIf you’ve ever been involved in a theatrical production, you are well aware of the many hours of planning, practice, and preparation that precede the actual performance.  You hope to gain rave reviews from your audience and will thus be sure to put forth much energy and effort in order to do so.to be successful. In much the same way, you, as the seller of your Huntsville AL home, have aspirations of wowing potential buyers with your stellar presentation and being rewarded by appreciative applause in the form of a quick sale.  Just practice the following script and stage directions for dramatic results. The curtain opens on a tastefully furnished room with adequate, but not overcrowded, furniture.  There is ample room to walk between the moderately-sized pieces, and doors and windows are not blocked.  Flowers and bowls of fresh fruit add color and a pleasant scent.  Personal photos and memorabilia are not present, and the few paintings that adorn the walls contribute to the overall light and airy atmosphere.  ACT I: Clean, clean, clean and de-clutter even more!  Create an impressive stage set by buffing floors and washing walls. This is the time to donate, throw away, and organize the many items that take up too much room, distract from positive features, make your Huntsville AL home appear smaller, and create a feeling of chaos.  Let your granite countertops, roomy closets, and ample cabinet space take center stage for potential buyers.


Audience members will now be milling about the area

outside your theatre, so be sure that you have taken steps to

make it attractive and appealing.

  ACT II: Concentrate on stage lighting.  Wash windows, open curtains and drapes, illuminate darker spaces. Put away winter bedding, accessories, and area rugs. Bring in spring with soft colors. Consider investing in inexpensive staging items like towels, throw pillows, candles and table settings in lavender, yellow, sage green and pale blue.  

Final curtain:

Time to take a bow, accept the flowers, bask in the applause, and enjoy

the accolades. Your presentation has been a complete success, and you

 will soon be entertaining offers for your Huntsville AL home.

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