Advantages To Selling During the Holidays

Contrary to popular belief there are actually some advantages to selling your home during the holidays. And many home owners really don’t have a choice because of a necessity to relocate. Most of us do tend to want to have our time free to enjoy all the activities that surround the year-end holidays. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of the opportunity to market your Huntsville AL  home. 3965122_blogThere are some definite advantages to consider if you either chose to sell or you find that you have no choice but to sell. Here are just a few advantages that you can find out more about here:
  • Business moves are very common in the month of January. Remember, it is a big work transfer time of the year…and that goes both ways.
  • Buyers generally have more motivation to buy if they are looking during the holidays. They probably wouldn’t be looking if they don’t really intend to buy.
  • Competition tends to be lower due to other potential sellers not wanting to market during the holidays if they have the choice. Less inventory for sale means your chances are better of getting buyers’ attention.
  • Decorating and staging your home for sale is easier if you are decorating for the holidays anyway. Staging your home for sale any other time of year can be a chore. But, decorating for the holidays can actually turn staging into fun.
  • A warm and cozy feeling of a home in the winter can contribute to a positive experience for the potential buyers touring your home.
In addition to advantages of selling during the holidays, here are just some of the 13 tips for selling in the winter offered by
  • Take advantage of natural light. Encourage your Realtor to push for daylight times for showings and get your windows washed so they sparkle in the lower winter sunlight angle.
  • Give your Huntsville AL home a nice holiday aroma. The No. 1 favorite is chocolate chip cookies. Especially if you enjoy baking, make the effort to leave cookies for the showings when you can. This is especially important for open house tours.
No matter what your motivation for selling your Huntsville AL home, don’t shy away from marketing it during the holidays. Turn your holiday decorating into a fun staging activity for marketing your home. Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Real Estate Broker, Mike Manosky  

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