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Huntsville Real Estate For Sale: 2539 Marjorie Lane

Huntsville Real Estate For Sale:2539 Marjorie Lane Huntsville AL MLS# 310314 Boasting over 1800 square feet of...

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5 Steps Owners Of Huntsville Homes For Sale Should Follow

There's a lot of competition in the current market for Huntsville homes for sale.  If you're thinking about adding...

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Madison County AL Foreclosure Statistics - August 2009

There are 1,316 Madison County AL foreclosure homes for sale with 130 new foreclosures in August 2009. 1 in every...

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5 Things All Great Huntsville Real Estate Agents Know

I'm going to tell something that may (or may not) shock you - Huntsville real estate agents are a dime a dozen.  No,...

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Huntsville Real Estate Sales Statistics - August 2009

Contract activity for pending home sales has risen for six straight months, a pattern not seen in the history of the...

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6 Credit Score Myths You Need to Know Before Buying Huntsville Real Estate

If you're buying Huntsville real estate, you might start worrying about your credit score.  Unfortunately, there are...

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Did You Know Floors Can Sell Huntsville Homes?

Have you ever walked into one of the Huntsville homes and looked down to see stained carpet or flooring?  It brings a...

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Eco-friendly Tax Credits For Huntsville Home Owners

Being eco-friendly is an important issue to most people today. Making your home as energy efficient as possible makes...

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Huntsville Foreclosures vs. Short Sales: The Consequential Facts

Huntsville foreclosures are a sad fact of life.  The truth of the matter is that, for many, even loan modification...

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FSBO vs. Hiring A Huntsville Real Estate Agent - 7 Points to Ponder

Selling a home isn't easy, especially now.  Yet some homeowners believe they can stick a "for sale" sign in the...

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