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Huntsville Real Estate Benefits From Military & Tech Jobs

Huntsville real estate sales are down, but not as much as other areas of the county due aerospace and high tech...

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Huntsville July 4th Fireworks

A fireworks display at Bridge Street Town Center has been part of a Huntsville Independence Day celebration since...

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Have The Best Garage Sale At Your Huntsville Home

It's that time of year again... time to have a garage sale at your Huntsville home!  This year, you can have your...

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Scrounging Up A Down Payment For Your Huntsville Real Estate

You've decided to take the plunge and buy a home for your family.  With the banking industry in the shape it is,...

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Setting Up Office Space in Your Huntsville Home

With more and more people seeking to work from home, whether it is a lifelong dream, or forced by a troubled economy...

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Huntsville Real Estate Sales Statistics: May 2009

Record low mortgage interest rates boosted pending home sales for the third consecutive month, with some benefit now...

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Huntsville Best Place To Ride Out Recession

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200" caption="huntsville"][/caption] Huntsville has topped a 'Best" list...

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Stimulus Isn't Just For New Huntsville Real Estate Buyers

All the talk is about how the President's stimulus plan helps out new and first time home buyers.  The good news is...

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Huntsville In Top 10 Best Places To Live

It isn't just Huntsville residents who appreciate what a great place Huntsville is. Huntsville has recently been...

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Tips For Filling Flower Beds At Your Huntsville Home

Flower beds can be a very attractive addition to any Huntsville home - if you have the time to set up and maintain...

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