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Huntsville Foreclosure Statistics - October 2010

There were 1,222 Huntsville foreclosure homes for sale with 80 new foreclosures in Oct 2010. One in every 1,159...

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Huntsville Homes for Sale: A Case of Cold Feet

While those who own Huntsville homes for sale are worried about the real estate market, some buyers are getting good...

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Fun Things To Do This Thanksgiving in Huntsville

The retail stores have jumped from Halloween right into Christmas but there are many fun fall and Thanksgiving...

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Huntsville Home Warranty FAQ

In today’s real estate market, it’s helpful when homeowners add incentives to sell their Huntsville homes. Incentives...

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How Buying Huntsville Real Estate is Like Running a Marathon

It's true.  There are a lot of parallels between buying a piece of Huntsville real estate and running a marathon....

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Madison County & Huntsville Foreclosure Statistics - September 2010

There were 1,682 Madison County & Huntsville foreclosure homes for sale with 81 new foreclosures in Sept 2010....

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Huntsville Real Estate Sales Statistics - September 2010

Despite economic uncertainty, 68 percent of those surveyed in the 2010 National Housing Pulse Survey, conducted by...

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Owe More than Your Huntsville Home is Worth?

If you’re a homeowner who is unable to refinance to a lower interest rate because your Huntsville home’s value has...

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The FSBO Mindset: Successful Ways to Sell Your Huntsville Real Estate

When you first set out to sell your home, you are probably excited by all the possibilities, maybe a little scared,...

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Celebrating Halloween in Huntsville

Here are some fun things to do to celebrate Halloween in Huntsville: Scarecrow Trail The Scarecrow Trail is back at...

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